Tan Yuan Yang

At the tender age of 13, Yuan Yang transitioned from playing volleyball to basketball. Since then he has been actively participating in school and local basketball games. Being an active sportsman, He also plays soccer as a secondary sport.

As he grew older, he learned a lot about basketball techniques and training methods from his coaches. Standing tall at 1.85m, he played as a forward/center position and managed to help his team clinch 1st place in the D1 championship in 2014.

One of the memorable years of his basketball journey was coming in 3rd for Suniq & IVP 2019 and 2nd for NYSI 2019 where he competed against teams from various schools at the top level of basketball.

Even after years of playing basketball, he is still motivated to continuously upgrade his skills and knowledge of basketball. “Alway hustle. always stay in the game, hustle at every chance you have.” He says. 


To him playing basketball is not just about winning competitions but also, more importantly, to be able to keep fit and spend time with his friends. Mental health is also very important and playing basketball releases stress.

After his graduation from SIM-UOL with a degree in Accounting and Finance. He pursues his passion for teaching children at an international school in Singapore.

Bringing the experience and knowledge he honed as a teacher in an international school, he joined Scholar Basketball Academy in 2021. To teach young basketball players to have a mindset of a sportsman, help them overcome their limitations and to stay healthy.

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