Hor Wei Jie


With six years of coaching experience spanning local and international schools, as well as private academies, Wei Jie has dedicated himself to nurturing young basketball talents ranging from ages 5 to 21 years old. His coaching journey has taken him to renowned institutions such as Northland Primary School, Punggol Cove Primary School, North London Collegiate School, and the Global Indian International School. Currently, he continues to inspire and mold young athletes at Teck Ghee Primary School Recreational Team and One World International School while coaching U10 and U12 boys in the SPBL.

Among his coaching achievements, Wei Jie can proudly claim the title of U10D2 SPBL Champion in 2022 and the distinction of U12D2 SPBL 1st Runner-Up in the same year.

Wei Jie’s educational background includes attending Naval Base Secondary School from 2010 to 2014 and completing his studies at Republic Polytechnic from 2015 to 2017.

Notable accomplishments:
– Ulu Pandan CSC Sports X’perience – 2nd Runner-Up (2011)
– POL-ITE – Champion (2016)
– 3-on-3 Basketball Men’s Open – 1st Runner-Up (2017)
– Grandeur Basketball Championship Men’s League Season 1 – 1st Runner-Up (2018)
– Fastbreak Men’s League – 1st Runner-Up (2022)
– Pesta Sukan Men’s and Corporate – (2022)

Wei Jie’s coaching philosophy revolves around fostering cognitive and technical growth in a creative and enjoyable manner. This approach reflects his commitment to not only developing basketball skills but also creating an engaging and positive learning environment for his students.

As both a dedicated coach and accomplished player, Wei Jie continues to make a significant impact on the world of basketball, shaping the future of the sport and the athletes he guides.

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