Desmond Pang


Desmond’s relationship with basketball spans an impressive 16-year journey, transforming him into a master of the game and a dedicated coach and trainer. His path is studded with numerous accomplishments. Over the past three years, he has channeled his passion for the sport into coaching young talents spanning age groups from U10 to U14.

What fuels Desmond’s coaching journey is the profound opportunity to influence the lives of student-athletes. Beyond teaching technical skills, he believes that sports are a vehicle for instilling vital life values. For him, coaching represents a platform to cultivate discipline, teamwork, and perseverance, imparting not only how to play the game but also how to apply these principles in life.

As a player, coach, and mentor, Desmond continues to serve as a wellspring of inspiration and guidance for budding athletes. His unwavering love for basketball, coupled with his dedication to nurturing the next generation, positions him as a prominent figure in the realms of sports and mentorship.

Playing Career:

2006 – 2009
– 1st Runner Up – West-Zone Inter-school Basketball Competition Senior Boys (2007)
– Champion – Consecutive Double National Basketball Championship (2008)
– Champion – Community Basketball League Championship (2009)

2010 – 2013
– Represented Prestige Passociado, SKC in Milo Cup (2010-2013)
– 2nd Runner Up – Inter-House Basketball Competition (2010)
– 2nd Runner Up – West-zone Basketball Competition B Division
– 3rd Runner Up – West-zone Basketball Competition B Division
– 3rd Runner Up – 31st Milo Youth Boys Basketball Championship U16

2014 – 2015
– Champion – ITESC Basketball Tournament 2014 and 2015
– Champion – Yuhua CC Grace Fu Cup 2015 Basketball Men’s U18 Category

2016 – 2017
– Champion – ITESC Basketball Tournament 2016
– Champion ITESC Basketball Tournament 2017

2018 – 2021
– Represented Republic Polytechnic in POLITE (2018-2019)
– 1st Runner Up – RP BRAG Basketball Men’s
– 1st Runner Up RP BRAG Basketball Men’s

Desmond’s journey from a dedicated player to an inspirational coach underscores his lasting impact on the world of basketball and the lives he touches.

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