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Sim Lek Wei


Lek Wei has been actively involved in the sport of basketball for an impressive 20-year period, during which he received training and guidance from a diverse array of coaches hailing from various corners of the world, including China and the Philippines. Renowned for his strong leadership qualities, he has undertaken multiple leadership roles, ranging from serving as the captain of the basketball team to holding the position of Singapore Armed Forces 2nd Sergeant and Instructor at the Armour Training Institute.

Leveraging his successful military background, Lek Wei possesses a remarkable capacity to command respect from others, which seamlessly translates into his exceptional ability to captivate the attention of his students through his commanding tone and instructional capabilities.

In his role as the head coach of Nanyang Primary, Lek Wei has consistently delivered exceptional results, as evidenced by the following achievements:

  • 2016: West Zone Junior Boys – Champion
  • 2016: West Zone Senior Boys – 3rd place
  • 2017: West Zone Junior Boys – 4th place
  • 2017: West Zone Senior Boys – Champion
  • 2018: West Zone Junior Boys – 4th place
  • 2018: West Zone Senior Boys – 1st Runner Up
  • 2019: West Zone Junior Boys Gold Tier – 1st Runner Up
  • 2019: West Zone Senior Boys – 2nd Runner Up
  • 2020: West Zone Semi-finals (Qualification, impacted by COVID-19)
  • 2021: Impact of COVID-19 on activities
  • 2022: West Zone Senior Boys – Champion
  • 2022: Junior Boys (Gold Tier)
  • 2023: West Zone Senior Boys – Top 8
  • 2023: West Zone Junior Boys (Gold Tier) – Champion

These remarkable achievements underscore Lek Wei’s exceptional coaching abilities and his significant contributions to NYPS basketball success.

In addition to his school coaching roles, Lek Wei has garnered extensive coaching experience in various basketball programs and academies, both locally and internationally. His knowledge and expertise in coaching are evident through his participation in a wide range of events and experiences:

  • Pesta Sukan 3×3
    • 2022 U10 – Silver
    • 2023 U10 – Gold & Bronze

  • Asia Pacific Cup Appearances
    • 2022 & 2023

  • Singapore Premier Basketball League (SPBL)
    • Multiple awards in the U10, U12, and U14 Division 1 for the years 2021, 2022, and 2023

  • AAU Experience 2022 (United States)
    • West Coast Elite “Summer Tip Off”
    • WCE “World Championship”
    • Summer Classic “Live period”

  • Thailand Basketball Tour (Thailand)
    • St Andrews International
    • Keng Basketball Club (Top 5 in the Country)
    • Siam Raptors Basketball Academy
    • Mono Vampire Basketball School
    • Hi-Tech Basketball Club

  • Deuce Japan Coaches Clinic (Japan)
    • 3 Days intensive coaching clinic, featuring discussion, lecture, and practical sessions.
    • Featuring NBA Coach from the Los Angeles Lakers – Phil Handy
    • Featuring International skills development coaches – Bob & Nolan Willett
    • Guest appearance and individual training sessions by Lakers NBA star – Jarred Vanderbilt

  • Other Coaching Experiences (Singapore-based)
    • Pick & Roll clinic with Coach Frank Arsego (Australia)
    • Player Clinic with Coach Gannon Baker (United States)
    • Coaches Clinic with Coach Jordan Delp (Pure Sweat Skills Coach, United States)
    • Coaches Clinic with Coach Alan Stein Jr. (Pure Sweat Performance, United States)
    • Coaches Clinic with Coach Kyle Travis (ICANBBALL Director, United States)
    • Player Development Camp with Coach Kyle Travis (ICANBBALL Director, United States)
    • Player Development Clinic with Coach Phil Handy (94feetofgame, United States)
    • Coaching Clinic at BAS with Coach Phil Handy (94feetofgame, United States)

Lek Wei’s extensive coaching experiences across different countries and with various renowned coaches demonstrate his dedication to continually enhance his coaching skills and share his knowledge with athletes of all levels.

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