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Experience systemized & fun basketball training from our highly qualified basketball coaches that has played in varies top ASEAN leagues and build your basketball skills!


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Wong Wei Long

SBA Founder
Singapore Slinger’s Captain


Scholar Basketball Academy is founded with our passion for basketball and years of training among the top leagues in ASEAN. We would love to spread our knowledge and experiences with the next generation and groom more players to excel in Singapore. We do not only teach basketball, we seek to create a basketball community and host more competitions and leagues to bring up the sport in Singapore.





One To One Training is will steadily bring up your game to the next level as you be given undivided attention and focus.


SBA conducts weekly group trainings at various locations throughout Singapore and has been expanding since.


SBA welcomes collaborations with schools and organisations to conduct workshops and basketball clinics

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Where Passion and Effort Come Together

6 Ways Scholar Basketball Academy Can Help You Achieve More

SBA Training Program

SBA training program started from our coaches training experience in national and junior teams and tweaking it into what’s now a fun and challenging program that bring out the best in our players.

SBA Professional Coaches

Our coaches have competed in the top leagues in South East Asia. Many of those are currently still competing among the best in South East Asia. We take pride in grooming the next generation of basketball talents into great basketball athletes.

Imbued Core Values

We imbue our 5 core values in our students besides imparting great basketball skills. As we believe good skills can bring you far but good character will bring you further. Check out our core values.

Years of Coaching and Competition Experience

SBA core team of coaches started playing at a very young age and are up to date. Most of them are still competing in major leagues for various teams. In short they “play or die” for basketball.

Multiple Training Centers

Visit any of our basketball trainings around Singapore most convenient for you. West/Central/East.

Priority Pass To Speciality Camps

Come experience one of our speciality camp like our recent ‘Wong Wei Long Elite Point Guard Camp’ or ‘Leon Kwek Skills Camp’. With innovative and customized drills, professional training equipment and sharing sessions with professional players and coaches.


Singapore Slinger Wong Wei Long Dribble
Wong Wei Long

Director Of SBA

Larry Liew Scholar Basketball Academy Singapore
Larry Liew

SG National Basketball Player

Leon Kwek Scholar Basketball Academy Singapore
Leon Kwek

SG National Basketball Player

Wu Qing De

SG National Basketball Player


Jovan Lek Xuan Zhi – 12 Years Old, DSA to Maris Stella High School

I first joined SBA in the thought that would be great exposure for me. When I started attending training regularly it help grow a greater passion for the sport. Little did I expect that I would make great improvement? I will definitely want to continue going for classes and playing leagues for the club not only because it helped me get into my dream school, but it also ignited passion in me for the sport.

Linus Koh- 12 Years Old, DSA to Dunman High School

In my 1.5 years in SBA, I have improve extremely on my fundamentals as coaches will spent time after training to correct my mistakes till I master them. Whenever something new is being taught, the coaches will always break it down for us into steps which makes it much easier to absorb. My greatest enjoyment in SBA is having the opportunity to make new friends through learning and competing in the game of basketball.


SBA will be there to support any question you have regarding basketball, our training and our services!

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