SBA Development Programme

SBA Development programme is suitable for players aged 4 to 18 years old. This program offers professional training from certified coaches for a wide array of players from beginners, to intermediate to advanced.

Upon the first tryout, each player’s skill & fitness level will be assessed by the coach in charge. Based on the coach initial assessment, we will allocate the student to a session where he can train with players at the same or similar level. 

How is the programme developed?

Our Academy development programme is developed by our internal coaching development team spearheaded by several professional and national players that have been on the international and local stage for the past few decades.

Each programme is formulated to help players of different categories and playing abilities maximise their growth during our weekly training sessions.

Programmes are developed with references to syllabus from the United States, Australia, Philipines, Indonesia and Singapore.

All programmes will be stringently vetted through Wong Wei Long and specialist coaches involved in youth development for the past decade.

Apart from allowing players to learn from the coaches and their programme mates. Players can look forward to bi-annual performance testing and seasonal games.

Coaches for SBA Development Programme are all trained to conduct professional training for their specialised age categories and capabilities.

Training Schedule