DSA Programme

The DSA preparation programme prepares players with the relevant fundamental skills and knowledge on key things that might be tested during DSA trials. The programme is built with intense skills workouts coupled with a strength and conditioning programme to enhance a player’s core competencies in their Skill sets, Game IQ and Physical capabilities.

Our DSA Prep programme is developed by key coaches in SBA that have been producing consistent impressive results in the National primary school stage and also the Secondary school level. In the past decade of coaching youths, our coaches have successfully helped a huge number of DSA candidates get into their preferred school yearly.

All programmes will be stringently vetted through by Wong Wei Long and specialist coaches involved in youth development for the past decade.

Training and workouts will be conducted in our indoor basketball facilities depending on region and availability.

Apart from allowing players to learn from the coaches and their programme mates. Players and parents can also speak to our dedicated coaches who will definitely try their best to help in answering all your questions.

DSA Programme registration will open 2 month prior to DSA period