Hor Wei Jie

With six years of coaching experience spanning local and international schools, as well as private academies, Wei Jie has dedicated himself to nurturing young basketball talents ranging from ages 5 to 21 years old. His coaching journey has taken him to renowned institutions such as Northland Primary School, Punggol Cove Primary School, North London Collegiate […]

Damien Cheong Wei Liang

With an extensive 22-year journey immersed in the world of basketball, Damien has not only honed his skills on the court but has also devoted a decade to coaching young talents, ranging from 4 to 18 years old. As a coach, Damien finds immense fulfillment in sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with the […]

Desmond Pang

Desmond’s relationship with basketball spans an impressive 16-year journey, transforming him into a master of the game and a dedicated coach and trainer. His path is studded with numerous accomplishments. Over the past three years, he has channeled his passion for the sport into coaching young talents spanning age groups from U10 to U14. What […]

Rui Jie

With a solid 15-year background in playing basketball, Rui Jie have transitioned into coaching over the past 5 years, working with a diverse age range from 4 to 18 years old. Coaching is a profound passion for him, primarily because it offers an opportunity to impart the wisdom and experiences of the game to the […]

Tng Zhi Cai

Coach Zhicai: Champion Player and Mentor 16 Years of Playing Experience, 3 Years of Coaching He have spent a remarkable 16 years mastering the art of basketball. Over the past 3 years, Zhicai ventured into the world of coaching, focusing on young talents aged 6 to 14. Coaching with Passion and Purpose Coaching holds a […]

Muhammad Nur Alfilail

Alfi played in Singapore Division 1 Man local team for more than a decade. Would like to be known as Alfi as he thinks his name is too long for people to pronounce. With the accumulated amount of experience, he would be able to equip/impart knowledge to the trainees. Engaging and friendly while remaining strict […]

Bryan Lau

Biography: Bryan has devoted more than 5 years to SBA, taking the lead in molding the next generation of student-athletes. His extensive personal experience in the sport equips him with valuable insights for nurturing the potential of upcoming players. Additionally, he is currently coaching SPBL teams in the U12D3 category. Coach Bryan’s coaching philosophy centers […]

Mervyn Lee

Mervyn Lee, a 5 year veteran in the National Basketball League (Division 2), someone whom has been known for his sweet shooting stroke from the floor. Despite being plagued with multiple injuries in his career, he never allow them to stop him for striving to be at his best whenever he is on the court. […]